Jan 3, 2011

Windows Live Profile

Windows Live Profile Windows Live Profile is a place for everything about you on the web. Keeping your personal information remains up to date, control your privacy, and connect with your friends on the web and other online services.

Windows Live Profile helps identify you when friends want to add you to their messenger list or their email contacts. Just by filling in one place, you can easily stay up-to-date.

Windows Live Profile allows you to choose exactly with whom and what you want to share. The privacy settings allows you to control your personal information, or allow certain friends or specific groups permissions to see your stuff. Set permissions for each of your contacts so you can easily check what information others can see about you.

In Windows Live, you can connect other services to your profile to keep in touch with all your friends, so you can see what you share with others, and what your friends say about you.

You can manage all the people you know or all your contacts, and you can easily add friends or import contacts from other email programs, social networking, and online services such as Facebook and MySpace only in one place.


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