Dec 27, 2010

Yahoo Mail Beta

Yahoo Mail Beta Yahoo Mail is a free web mail service provided by Yahoo, which is equipped with spam filters, a virus scanner, interfaces for international users, unlimited storage for photos and attachments.

Currently, Yahoo offers two versions of Yahoo Mail: a "New Yahoo Mail" interface and a simple interface "Classic Yahoo Mail".

On October 26, 2010, Yahoo announced a new version of their email client, Yahoo Mail Beta. Yahoo Mail Beta is claimed to be faster than the previous versions, better at filtering spam and allows users to send and receive updates from social networks easily. The Yahoo Messenger is also integrated with this Yahoo Mail Beta. It means that Messenger and Mail are together in one place, which allows users to connect directly with others who are online, switch between email and chat, with no download or setup required.

You can read about all the Yahoo Mail Beta at: or try Yahoo Mail Beta at:

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