Dec 27, 2010

Yahoo Mail Beta

Yahoo Mail Beta Yahoo Mail is a free web mail service provided by Yahoo, which is equipped with spam filters, a virus scanner, interfaces for international users, unlimited storage for photos and attachments.

Currently, Yahoo offers two versions of Yahoo Mail: a "New Yahoo Mail" interface and a simple interface "Classic Yahoo Mail".

On October 26, 2010, Yahoo announced a new version of their email client, Yahoo Mail Beta. Yahoo Mail Beta is claimed to be faster than the previous versions, better at filtering spam and allows users to send and receive updates from social networks easily. The Yahoo Messenger is also integrated with this Yahoo Mail Beta. It means that Messenger and Mail are together in one place, which allows users to connect directly with others who are online, switch between email and chat, with no download or setup required.

You can read about all the Yahoo Mail Beta at: or try Yahoo Mail Beta at:

Dec 20, 2010

Ten Crucial Things For Dog Owners

Ten Crucial Things For Dog Owners

  1. Give me time to understand what you want from me

  2. Put your trust in me because it's important for my well-being

  3. Keep in mind that however you treat me, I will never forget it

  4. Come and go with me because it was easier for me if you are on my side

  5. Remember before you hit me, I have teeth that can hurt you, but I choose not to bite you

  6. Do not be angry with me for a long time. Since you have your work, entertainment and friends but I only have you

  7. Talk to me even though I do not understand your words but I do understand your voice when you are talking to me

  8. My life may end up ten to 15 years. Separation from you will be painful for me

  9. Before you scold me, ask if there is something wrong or I may be sick, getting older, weak or maybe there is something bothering me

  10. Take care of me when I am getting older because this will happen to you too

Dec 13, 2010

Adgitize Publisher Payment November 2010

Adgitize Publisher Payment I received a notification from PayPal that Adgitize has sent payment for November to me as a publisher on their advertising network. It was surprised me. Last time I checked my earnings, it's still a few dollars.

Adgitize sent me $16,21 USD

Last month I was quite active in Adgitize so I was able to complete the required amount to be eligible for payment. As you can see, the amount paid to me is not much, but it's very nice and I am quite happy with my earnings. Not bad, right?

In Adgitize network, you can become an advertiser or a publisher. As an advertiser, you can take advantage of the amount of traffic offered by Adgitize to your blog. Besides posting articles and displaying ads network on your blog, you can also earn points by being an advertiser. As a publisher, you can get back the amount you spent to advertise on Adgitize, by displaying advertisements through their widget.

Adgitize Publisher Payment Have you tried Adgitize? If you want to join Adgitize, just click the banner.

Dec 6, 2010

Yahoo Bookmarks

Yahoo Bookmarks Yahoo is not just for chatting, sending and receiving emails. Now, you can also save your bookmarks with Yahoo Bookmarks. Yahoo Bookmarks allows you to save the URLs of your favorite blogs, import your bookmarks on Yahoo, organize into folders, and access them from any computer, anywhere.

In order to use Yahoo Bookmarks, you must be a registered Yahoo users with an internet connection of course. Yahoo Bookmarks is very accessible and easy to use. This is not a social bookmarking service because all bookmarks are stored in private so that giving you the security and not letting other people see what site you bookmark.

Just sign in using your Yahoo ID. Once you are in your bookmarks page, you can immediately bookmark and add the URL of your favorite blogs, title, a note and some tags. Your bookmarks are stored securely, will never be deleted (as long as you continue to use Yahoo services) and these bookmarks can only be accessed by you.

One really cool feature is that Yahoo Bookmarks shows a thumbnail of the page. So I can find something that I bookmarked by using visual thumbnail.