Nov 18, 2010

VigLink - Affiliate Every Link On Your Blog

VigLink - Affiliate Every Link On Your Blog VigLink is a startup program that helps you to get paid for doing what you normally do on your blog. VigLink automatically inserts affiliate links every time you link to a product from your blog. So, every time you link to a Website (product or promotion), VigLink will automatically turns the link into an affiliate link, so that you can receive a commission for any purchases made.

Most online bloggers are at least familiar with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs can help them generate revenue from the stores and the products they link. Managing accounts with these programs can be a bit difficult, and many people simply forget to use them.

For those that are not familiar with affiliate programs, the affiliate programs are often offered by online retailers who pay you a commission for driving traffic (and purchases) into their web. Here, VigLink role is to help you use these programs with a minimal effort.

VigLink is free and easy to install. Just paste a few lines of HTML into your blog, and do links to other sites in the same way as you did before. There is no special link code for you to remember, they will add them automatically when visitors click on a link on your blog.

VigLink does not change anything in your blog. No links are inserted or removed on your page, there is no double-underlines or pop ups, and the link looks clean.

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