Nov 2, 2010

Facebook Recommendations

Facebook Recommendations Facebook Recommendations plugin shows personalized recommendations to your users. The blog owner will be able to recommend their blog content to users based on what their friends are reading via Recommendation plugin.

Since the social data is stored on the Facebook server, this plugin will display regardless of whether the user is logged into the blog that is running the plugin. The plugin assumes all the social interactions with the URLs of your blog. If a user is logged into Facebook, they will see a special recommendations from Facebook friends.

To target the recommendation to the blog, the owners need to enter their domain. You can specify a blog for which to show the recommendations. This requires a line of code.

The plugin is available both through a simple iframe that you can drop onto your page, or you can use the <fb:recommendations> tag.

Overall, this represents a very attractive way for publishers to increase involvement in their blog by suggesting other content on the blog to the visitors based on what Facebook recommends.

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