Nov 10, 2010

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like Button Facebook Like Button allows user to share content with friends on Facebook. When user click the Like Button on your blog, a story will appear in the users News Feed with a link back to your blog.

Like Button gives users the ability to add optional comment. If users add a comment, the story will be published to their Facebook profiles.

When users click a Like Button on your page, then a connection is established between your page and user. Your page will appear in the "Likes and Interests" section of the user profile, and you can publish updates to the user. Your page will also appear in search results.

Like Button gives you the opportunity to make your blogs more social and add more value to your blog in just a few steps. Like Button shows you how your friends interact with your page

All content is hosted by Facebook, and Facebook can detect whether a user is logged in or not using cookie. If they do not log in, they will be asked to log in or to join.

Actually, there are two versions of the Like Button, one which uses iframes and one that uses JavaScript. To start, simply use the link below to get the code to add to your blog:

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