Nov 15, 2010

Facebook Like Box

Facebook Like Box Now, Facebook pages are becoming more popular among bloggers who want to improve their social exposure on the web. Facebook Social Plugins are the best way to link your Facebook page with your blog.

If you have a page on Facebook about your blog and want to show latest updates on your blog and to your fans, you will love Facebook Like Box. For those who are not familiar with Facebook, you may often see the Facebook Like Box when visiting blogs.

The Facebook Like Box is a social plugin that allows Facebook page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own blog. The Like Box allows users to see how many people have already liked the article. People can also read latest posts without having to visit the page.

Besides liking Facebook pages, your visitors can also like a certain blog posts, video, and images. When they liked them, they will be shared with their friends. It means that some of Facebook features can now be inserted into your blog.

Getting people to click the Like box for your blog can help generate positive word of mouth and your content will spread more rapidly among their friends. This is a wonderful way to get free advertising, easy to use and only requires a few steps.

Facebook Like Box helps blogs to be more social. Using Facebook Like Box makes it easy for Facebook users to spread the word.

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