Nov 29, 2010

Google Reader

Google Reader You can find feeds on nearly every blog on the web. RSS feeds offer a simplified view of the blog content, since the blog format can sometimes hinder or confuse the reader. There are many online RSS readers available.

Nov 23, 2010

Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS

Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS The biggest reason for buying a camera is image quality. If you want style, simplicity and want to take cool pictures with bright colors, then the Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS camera is a great choice.

Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS

Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS is a digital ten megapixel compact camera that lets you print your photos to poster size without losing the detail. This camera has a lightweight and compact design so that easily inserted into a pocket or purse. Light enough for you to forget that you are carrying a camera. It available in four colors: silver, gray, blue or pink. Mine is blue.


When I first started using this camera, I found that the image quality was very good but the colors looked a little dull. I realized that this was probably my fault. I started to learn the settings on the camera and hoping that by changing a few settings, allow me to produce a good image. This compact camera is intended to produce decent images with minimum effort.

Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS also has the ability to record video, but in a dark environments, you will see the video to be a bit grainy. But, the best thing that can be said about the Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS is that it is a smart and easy to use camera. I would also say that the Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS offers the best value and offers excellent image quality.

Nov 18, 2010

VigLink - Affiliate Every Link On Your Blog

VigLink - Affiliate Every Link On Your Blog VigLink is a startup program that helps you to get paid for doing what you normally do on your blog. VigLink automatically inserts affiliate links every time you link to a product from your blog. So, every time you link to a Website (product or promotion), VigLink will automatically turns the link into an affiliate link, so that you can receive a commission for any purchases made.

Most online bloggers are at least familiar with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs can help them generate revenue from the stores and the products they link. Managing accounts with these programs can be a bit difficult, and many people simply forget to use them.

For those that are not familiar with affiliate programs, the affiliate programs are often offered by online retailers who pay you a commission for driving traffic (and purchases) into their web. Here, VigLink role is to help you use these programs with a minimal effort.

VigLink is free and easy to install. Just paste a few lines of HTML into your blog, and do links to other sites in the same way as you did before. There is no special link code for you to remember, they will add them automatically when visitors click on a link on your blog.

VigLink does not change anything in your blog. No links are inserted or removed on your page, there is no double-underlines or pop ups, and the link looks clean.

Nov 15, 2010

Facebook Like Box

Facebook Like Box Now, Facebook pages are becoming more popular among bloggers who want to improve their social exposure on the web. Facebook Social Plugins are the best way to link your Facebook page with your blog.

If you have a page on Facebook about your blog and want to show latest updates on your blog and to your fans, you will love Facebook Like Box. For those who are not familiar with Facebook, you may often see the Facebook Like Box when visiting blogs.

The Facebook Like Box is a social plugin that allows Facebook page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own blog. The Like Box allows users to see how many people have already liked the article. People can also read latest posts without having to visit the page.

Besides liking Facebook pages, your visitors can also like a certain blog posts, video, and images. When they liked them, they will be shared with their friends. It means that some of Facebook features can now be inserted into your blog.

Getting people to click the Like box for your blog can help generate positive word of mouth and your content will spread more rapidly among their friends. This is a wonderful way to get free advertising, easy to use and only requires a few steps.

Facebook Like Box helps blogs to be more social. Using Facebook Like Box makes it easy for Facebook users to spread the word.

Nov 14, 2010

Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks Google Bookmarks is an online service that lets you save your favorite blogs, including attaching labels and notes. The bookmarks are stored on Google servers securely, so that they can be reached at any time, even if you use another computer with an Internet connection of course. Simply login to your Google account, then you will have access to your bookmarks in Google Bookmarks.

The most important feature is that all your bookmarks are private (no one else can see them) but they are fully searchable and you can search the entire page. Search are performed on the full text of the bookmarked pages, not just the labels and notes.

Google Bookmarks using Lists to share bookmarks with others. You can use the Lists to share your bookmarks with friends. You can also view videos and other content directly on your list.

With Google Bookmarks, you can also organize your content using labels and lists. All your existing labels, remain in place. The Lists let you organize your stuff into categories. It's easy to add stuff to the list, even if you do not know the URL.

Nov 10, 2010

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like Button Facebook Like Button allows user to share content with friends on Facebook. When user click the Like Button on your blog, a story will appear in the users News Feed with a link back to your blog.

Like Button gives users the ability to add optional comment. If users add a comment, the story will be published to their Facebook profiles.

When users click a Like Button on your page, then a connection is established between your page and user. Your page will appear in the "Likes and Interests" section of the user profile, and you can publish updates to the user. Your page will also appear in search results.

Like Button gives you the opportunity to make your blogs more social and add more value to your blog in just a few steps. Like Button shows you how your friends interact with your page

All content is hosted by Facebook, and Facebook can detect whether a user is logged in or not using cookie. If they do not log in, they will be asked to log in or to join.

Actually, there are two versions of the Like Button, one which uses iframes and one that uses JavaScript. To start, simply use the link below to get the code to add to your blog:

Nov 6, 2010

Mount Merapi Eruption 2010

Mount Merapi Eruption 2010 Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta Indonesia is an active volcano located on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta. This is the most active volcano in Indonesia. Mount Merapi is very close to the city of Yogyakarta, and thousands of people living on the flanks of this volcano.

Images: DenverPost

Mount Merapi Eruption 2010

On Monday, October 25 afternoon, Merapi erupted three times, spewing lava into the south and southeast slopes. The Indonesian government raised the alert for Mount Merapi to the highest level and warned villagers to move to safer places.

Mount Merapi Eruption 2010

On Friday, November 5 morning, Merapi erupted again. Volcanic ash fell in almost all parts of the city of Yogyakarta. Due to of continuous eruption, the government expanded the safety zone. People who live within 20 km from the crater, were ordered to evacuate. Volcano expert reported, the eruption of the Friday, November 5, 2010 was the largest since 1870. Most of the villages about 15 kilometers from the crater was covered by ash. Thousands of people were displaced to a safer distance.

Mount Merapi Eruption 2010

Yogyakarta is in the chaotic situation right now. So many have died, so many suffering at the moment. Not much that I can do here. It’s sad seeing my home town is having disaster.

Mount Merapi Eruption 2010

All I can do now is, supporting those who were helping the victims out there, Pray to God, Pray for Indonesia, and Pray for Yogyakarta. I hope, everything will be fine, soon.

Nov 2, 2010

Facebook Recommendations

Facebook Recommendations Facebook Recommendations plugin shows personalized recommendations to your users. The blog owner will be able to recommend their blog content to users based on what their friends are reading via Recommendation plugin.

Since the social data is stored on the Facebook server, this plugin will display regardless of whether the user is logged into the blog that is running the plugin. The plugin assumes all the social interactions with the URLs of your blog. If a user is logged into Facebook, they will see a special recommendations from Facebook friends.

To target the recommendation to the blog, the owners need to enter their domain. You can specify a blog for which to show the recommendations. This requires a line of code.

The plugin is available both through a simple iframe that you can drop onto your page, or you can use the <fb:recommendations> tag.

Overall, this represents a very attractive way for publishers to increase involvement in their blog by suggesting other content on the blog to the visitors based on what Facebook recommends.

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