Oct 26, 2010

Google Profile

Google Profile Google Profile is a good way to integrate your online presence. This provides a simple solution for connecting all social profile in one place. This allows you to tell others a bit more about who you are. Google Profiles lets you create a personal page where you can include links to your blog, Twitter, company website, online photo and links to other profiles on sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. You can also easily share your web content in one location.

You have control over what others see. Your profile will not display private information unless you have explicitly added. However, the more information you add to your profile, the higher your page is likely to be ranked on a Google search.

There is room for a brief bio, interests, where you live, and also a "Send a message" feature that allows anyone with a Google account e-mail you without revealing your e-mail address.


  1. Cool theme Dede, how did you got this theme. It's pretty cool. Best Regards.

  2. Hi thank you, I made this theme by myself. Just by customizing a couple of CSS :). Hope you like it.

  3. Hi Dede...., I have one question... Some people say that the links we put on google profile is dofollow link and counted by google? Is that true?


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