Oct 15, 2010

CMFAds Spikes

CMFAds Spikes This week, I decided to experiment with CMFAds Spikes feature to see if I get a boost in traffic.

CMFAds Spikes are quick and affordable way to drive traffic to your blog. You will only get clicks from members of CMFAds and the traffic you get is probably much more focused.

Spikes are only available to publishers who run CMFAds widget. Purchasing a Spike costs $ 0.20 and guarantees 50 unique clicks to your blog. If you have multiple publishers, you can choose to buy a Spike for each of them if you wish. To buy a Spike, go to the Dashboard and click "Buy Spike". This will bring a number of sets of visitors to your blog with a very low price. Once your Spike has accumulated 50 clicks, then it will disappear from the Spike page and you will be able to buy more clicks.

You can access the list of Spikes available for clicking on your CMFAds Dashboard. You can find new blogs by clicking on Spikes. Each Spike leads you to another site or blog. In addition, members will receive $ 0.002 for each link clicked from the Spikes page. In other words, if you click on 50 different blogs, you will get $ 0.10. You can also use your earnings, or add funds via PayPal to buy Spikes. That is blog hopping with some income. Small but better than nothing.


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