Oct 10, 2010

CMFAds Cashout October 2010

CMFAds Cashout October 2010 CMFAds is a good advertising platform for bloggers. You can buy a 30 day network ad for just $10. Blog publishers can earn some money by simply placing a CMFAds widget on their blogs and use the money they earn to advertise too. It is very possible that you can cash out your funds or buy more ads, earn money without having to click ads, place a lot of ads, and get a lot of ads in return. It will increase the overall value of your account funds. This is a good idea to use your funds back so you get maximum value.

CMFAds network consists of quality blogs, because every blog submitted to the network is manually reviewed by CMFAds admins. CMFAds is not just an advertising platform for bloggers but also a community for bloggers where they can communicate, discuss, interact, share tips on blogging, asking questions about blogging and talk about anything.

As a CMFAds publisher, I could collect a few dollars. On October 2, 2010, I received the amount I requested for payment from them. It just one day after making the payment request. The total amount I received was $ 9.00. It was smaller than the amount I requested for payment, because CMFAds take 10% of the requested amount for payment as tax which is used by CMFAds to cover their operating costs.

CMF Ads sent me $9,00 USD

Overall, I can say that I am quite happy with CMFAds.

To cash out your funds, go to the Dashboard and click Request Cashout link. The minimum cash out is $ 1.00.

If you are not yet a member of CMFAds and would like to try it then do not hesitate to sign up today. It is absolutely free.

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