Oct 31, 2010

YouTube Video Community

YouTube Video Community YouTube is an online video community that allows people to discover, watch, upload and share videos. YouTube provides a place for people to connect, and inform other people around the world.

YouTube channel is a great place to find out what was going on and allows people to upload easily and share video clips on the Internet through mobile devices, blogs, and email.

Everyone can watch, find about their hobbies, interests, unique and unusual videos on YouTube.

YouTube uses Adobe Flash Video technology to display a variety of video content including video clips, TV clips and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging.

Oct 29, 2010

Facebook Login Button

Facebook Login Button Facebook Login Button is used to linking your blog with Facebook, and sharing data using Facebook API.

This Login Button shows the profile pictures of friends users who have registered for your blog.

You can specify the maximum number of rows to display. The plugin dynamically sizes its height.

This plugin is available via the <fb:login-button> tag.

Oct 28, 2010

ShareThis Trending Content


Oct 26, 2010

Google Profile

Google Profile Google Profile is a good way to integrate your online presence. This provides a simple solution for connecting all social profile in one place. This allows you to tell others a bit more about who you are. Google Profiles lets you create a personal page where you can include links to your blog, Twitter, company website, online photo and links to other profiles on sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. You can also easily share your web content in one location.

You have control over what others see. Your profile will not display private information unless you have explicitly added. However, the more information you add to your profile, the higher your page is likely to be ranked on a Google search.

There is room for a brief bio, interests, where you live, and also a "Send a message" feature that allows anyone with a Google account e-mail you without revealing your e-mail address.

Oct 16, 2010

Facebook Activity Feed

Facebook Activity Feed Facebook Activity Feed plug-in displays the most recent interesting activity happening on your blog. The content is hosted by Facebook, so the plug-in only display personalized content. The activity feed displays stories both when users like the content on your blog and when users share content from your blog to Facebook. If a user is logged into Facebook, the plugin will be personalized to highlight the content from their friends. If users logged out, the activity feeds will show recommendations from your blog, and give users the option to log into Facebook.

This plug-in is filled with activities from friends of users. If no activity, then this plug-in will be filled with recommendations. You can specify a domain to show activity.

This plug-in is available both through a simple iframe that you can drop onto your page, or you can use the <fb:activity> tag.


Oct 15, 2010

CMFAds Spikes

CMFAds Spikes This week, I decided to experiment with CMFAds Spikes feature to see if I get a boost in traffic.

CMFAds Spikes are quick and affordable way to drive traffic to your blog. You will only get clicks from members of CMFAds and the traffic you get is probably much more focused.

Spikes are only available to publishers who run CMFAds widget. Purchasing a Spike costs $ 0.20 and guarantees 50 unique clicks to your blog. If you have multiple publishers, you can choose to buy a Spike for each of them if you wish. To buy a Spike, go to the Dashboard and click "Buy Spike". This will bring a number of sets of visitors to your blog with a very low price. Once your Spike has accumulated 50 clicks, then it will disappear from the Spike page and you will be able to buy more clicks.

You can access the list of Spikes available for clicking on your CMFAds Dashboard. You can find new blogs by clicking on Spikes. Each Spike leads you to another site or blog. In addition, members will receive $ 0.002 for each link clicked from the Spikes page. In other words, if you click on 50 different blogs, you will get $ 0.10. You can also use your earnings, or add funds via PayPal to buy Spikes. That is blog hopping with some income. Small but better than nothing.

Oct 13, 2010

Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs Do you have a blog and Facebook account? You will love NetworkedBlogs, blog lovers community on Facebook.

NetworkedBlogs is an extension of NetworkedBlogs Facebook Application to help your blog more accessible outside Facebook and provide more exposure to your blogs.

NetworkedBlogs allows you to discover new blogs and promote your blog to your Facebook friends, Twitter community and syndicated feeds to your wall and fan pages.

* Show your blog on your Facebook profile and add a tab for that too. Works on both: profiles and Facebook Pages.
* Import your blog posts to your wall or Facebook fan page, and have them show up in your friends News Feed on Facebook.
* Connect with others who read and write about subjects you like.
* Let your friends see your latest blog posts.

Basically, it is another way to promote your blog, in a friendly way to your friends on Facebook and to the whole Facebook community, as well.

Oct 10, 2010

CMFAds Cashout October 2010

CMFAds Cashout October 2010 CMFAds is a good advertising platform for bloggers. You can buy a 30 day network ad for just $10. Blog publishers can earn some money by simply placing a CMFAds widget on their blogs and use the money they earn to advertise too. It is very possible that you can cash out your funds or buy more ads, earn money without having to click ads, place a lot of ads, and get a lot of ads in return. It will increase the overall value of your account funds. This is a good idea to use your funds back so you get maximum value.

CMFAds network consists of quality blogs, because every blog submitted to the network is manually reviewed by CMFAds admins. CMFAds is not just an advertising platform for bloggers but also a community for bloggers where they can communicate, discuss, interact, share tips on blogging, asking questions about blogging and talk about anything.

As a CMFAds publisher, I could collect a few dollars. On October 2, 2010, I received the amount I requested for payment from them. It just one day after making the payment request. The total amount I received was $ 9.00. It was smaller than the amount I requested for payment, because CMFAds take 10% of the requested amount for payment as tax which is used by CMFAds to cover their operating costs.

CMF Ads sent me $9,00 USD

Overall, I can say that I am quite happy with CMFAds.

To cash out your funds, go to the Dashboard and click Request Cashout link. The minimum cash out is $ 1.00.

If you are not yet a member of CMFAds and would like to try it then do not hesitate to sign up today. It is absolutely free.