Sep 22, 2010

FeedmailPro, RSS to Email

FeedmailProIf you are looking for a versatile email newsletter, or another way to turn your blog RSS feed into an email newsletter, then you may check FeedmailPro.

FeedmailPro provides advanced features such as scheduling and customization. It is a simple, easy to use system and it can help bloggers create email newsletters easier.

Here are the features:

* Easy to use.
* You can import subscribers, from your existing system.
* Turn your blog RSS into a newsletter.
* Send the newsletter automatically.
* Add your own templates to the email to match the theme of your blog.

FeedmailPro is free if you happen to have less than 1000 readers and then the cost US $10 per month thereafter.

Collecting subscribers is the most important thing for most bloggers.


Please take a moment to subscribe my newsletter or register FeedmailPro for free.

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