Sep 3, 2010

AddThis Sharebar

AddThis SharebarIf you want a way to make your blog more interactive and give your readers an easy way to share your content, you can try AddThis Sharebar.

AddThis Sharebar is another way to make your content more easily to distributed. As a utility at the bottom of your pages, Sharebar can help increase the visibility of your blog contents.

AddThis Sharebar works on any page and will not interfere with items that already displayed on your blog, such as flash animation / videos / advertisements. All CSS tags are dynamically generated to prevent overlapping on your blog. AddThis Sharebar can be personalized and customized. This tool will also display all the services that are often used by your readers. This toolbar will automatically use the existing settings, if it is used on the same page.

To install Sharebar, copy and paste the following code to your page (it can be embedded anywhere in your template):

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><div class="addthis_sharebar_config" style="display:none;">
* username: AddThis username

AddThis username is only required if you want to track its performance. You can use your AddThis username, create a new account, or ignore the username settings.

Personally, I am impressed with their efforts, because now almost all blogs use sharing button, or bookmarking service. Although it is not popular as a toolbar, but I often see blogs who are using Sharebar. Is there anyone here use or have tried AddThis Sharebar? I would like to hear from those who've tried it.

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