Aug 19, 2010

Infolinks Related Tags

Infolinks Related TagsIf you are looking for the way to increase revenue to your blog, you may check out the latest Infolinks feature, Infolinks Related Tags. This Infolinks Related Tags has the potential to increase your monthly income and help you to monetize your blog better. This is available to all Infolinks publishers.

The Infolinks Related Tags will find the best keywords on your blog and display them as informational tags within your blog pages content.

Infolinks Related Tags function is similar to standard in-text-ads, so when a visitor hovers over the tags, an Infolinks ad bubble appears, and when they click on the ad, you will get paid.

Adding Infolinks Related Tags to your blog is quick and easy. Once you've integrated Infolinks script on your page, paste the following HTML tag, where you want the related tags to appear.

<input type="hidden" name="IL_RELATED_TAGS" value="1"/>

I recommend you to display it on the top of your blog to get a good earning. It looks similar to ad links units.

This is your chance to increase your monthly earning. So why do not you give it a try?

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  1. You can add it anywhere you want the related tags to appear. I see it works perfectly in your blog now.


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