Aug 23, 2010

ATokens Widget For Your Blog

ATokensATokens (Appreciation Tokens) is a payment platform using virtual currency. You can perform real-time conversations with others and stay connected through the exchange of messages.

As a member, you can receive and send appreciation tokens to the people, as a way to say thank you. Tokens can be received from other members, or can be earned by completing an offer. There are no cost in sending and receiving tokens.

Blogging is about connecting with readers. ATokens aims to increase traffic to your blog and to get more comments. You can offer tokens to your reader for blog comments, feedback, or subscribing to your feed. This is a great way to built network and followers as part of community.

Recently, they've just finished making ATokens button and widget that you can put on your blog. This button acts as a counter and a messaging system. When you install the widget to your blog, others can donate tokens to you by clicking on the button. Users will have the option to write a message that will be sent to all followers in the activity box.

Join now for free, follow me at ATokens, and start saying thank you as a token of appreciation.

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