Jul 20, 2010


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This is a page that allows you to share events, post messages, comments, update your status on Facebook wall in real time.

DISQUS Comment System

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DISQUS comment system is global and moderation tools that enhance the discussion on blogs. It connects conversations across the web, lets you add a web community management and social integration for any blog on any platform.

DISQUS makes commenting easier and more interactive. This comment system is easily enhances discussion on blogs and change the way people think about discussion on the blog.

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Since Blogger allows users to integrate other comment system, adding DISQUS comment to your blog can expand your blog community and make it more fun and useful. This can bring comments and feedback from the social network to your blog. By using DISQUS, many people can easily comment to your blog with their Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or OpenID account.

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Comments can be a bridge between you and your readers. DISQUS bring this and helps you keep up with the whole conversation around your posts.

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Blogging is now for building community. With DISQUS, your blog can become interactive. Makes a standard blog into a thriving community where people can connect, discuss, and help your blog to find more followers.

Top Commenters

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For many bloggers, one of the worst problems with comments on blogs is spam. Now, dealing with unwanted comments on your blog no longer an issue.

I just signed and implemented DISQUS on my blog, and I am very pleased. It has controls that are easy to learn and use. You should not have trouble navigating the menu option to install it. Enjoy and see how it goes.

Jul 18, 2010


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Fakebook uses Facebook Connect to power our blog community.

Log in to your Facebook account to use or connect with your friends on Fakebook. It's free and anyone can join.

Jul 17, 2010


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All notifications, fan requests, new content, photos, videos, and links on Fakebook wall will appear here.

Jul 16, 2010


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Comments have the ability to build or tear down reputation.

This page allows you to leave comments about this blog. Allows you to share or post comments on Facebook and in your friends' stream.

Relevant comments are appreciated, as this will enrich and improve the quality of conversation.

Jul 8, 2010

Second Anniversary Of My Blog

Second Anniversary Of DedeAndro WeblogImage via Flickr.

Four days ago was the second year of starting my blog. Two years and four days ago, I posted here for the first time. According to Blogger, I've posted 373 times.

It's hard to believe, it has been two years now. July 4, 2008 - 2010.

Thank you, readers of my blog. This blog has become the best tool to share about my experiences. I've gained so many ideas, engaged with the audience, and learning from past mistakes.

Happy Birthday to DedeAndro Weblog and Happy Birthday America.