Jun 30, 2010

Facebook Social Plugins

Facebook Social PluginsImage via Facebook.

Facebook Social Plugins enable you to create social experience to encourage the involvement of visitors on your blog and make your blog more personalized and social. See what your friends have liked, commented on, or shared on other sites across the web. All these social plugins are extension of Facebook, and no data is shared with others. You can choose various plugins to meet your needs.

Facebook Social Plugins allow you to integrate Facebook social features into your blog easily. There are several options for social plugins, including the option to include the names and profile pictures of the user's friends who also liked your page. Once you have added the codes on your blog, you can use the social plugins to provide visitors more engaging experiences throughout your blog.

To use Facebook Social Plugin, you must register your application and add a few snippets of code in your template. This will requires a few minute before you can use this plugins.

Visit http://developers.facebook.com/setup to create an application and http://developers.facebook.com/plugins to add a social plugin for your blog with just one line of HTML.

Activity Feeds.

Activity Feeds plugin shows users what their friends are doing on your blog through likes and comments.


Comments plugin lets users comment on any part of the content on your blog.


Friendpile plugin shows the profile pictures of the user's friends who have registered for your blog.

Like Button.

Like button allows users to share pages from your blog back to their Facebook profile with one click.

Like Box.

Like box allows users to like your Facebook Page and see the stream directly from your blog.

Live Stream.

Live Stream plugin allows users to share comments and activity in real time as they interact during a live event.

Login Button.

Login button shows the profile pictures of the user's friends who have signed up for your blog.


Recommendations plugin provides personalized recommendations for pages on your blog they might like.

Now you can let other people know what their friends like on your blog.

Jun 16, 2010


Fakebook FriendFriends on Fakebook.

Your friends on Fakebook are the same friends. This list provides grouping of your friends on Facebook, and shows profile pictures of your friends who have registered for Fakebook.

In addition, you can easily find and add people you may know on Facebook by clicking the profile image that appears on the list. You can use the tools on this page to find more friends.

Jun 13, 2010

Chocolate Cake Birthday Card

Birthday Card on DedeAndro Weblog Image by NucksMisconduct.

Jun 7, 2010

Google Buzz, Share Updates With Your Friends

Google Buzz, Share Updates With Your FriendsImage via Google

Google Buzz is a social networking and messaging tools from Google, which is designed to start conversations about interesting things that automatically brings users of social networking to the surface. This is an easy to use sharing tool that integrates photos, videos and links, and make it easier for you to share publicly.

Google Buzz is also integrates with your existing Gmail inbox. Gmail users can now share links, photos, videos, messages, status and comments organized and visible in the user's inbox and allows you to choose to share publicly with the world or privately to your friends every time you post.

Google Buzz has added features to their sites, including some interface and interaction elements from other products such as Google Reader, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, Blogger, FriendFeed, Identi.ca and Twitter.

As you may know, the social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter is the fastest way to reach the entire world. In general, Google Buzz function is the same as other social networking sites that already exist. They generate a stream of information that other users of the same platform can follow. But, many people are usually excited to be part of Google products.

Follow on Buzz

Newest addition to my Wibiya toolbar is Google Buzz feed. Wibiya import Google Buzz users feed and promote shared content through this service. This allow your blog visitors view pictures and video directly from the toolbar. They will also be able to click the "Buzz" and "Follow on Buzz" button to start following you on Google Buzz, and help you promote your content and improve page views without leaving your blog. A great way to import your activities on the Internet into your blog, and also promote your content and get it noticed by more people.
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