May 5, 2010

Link Exchange

Link ExchangeImage via Voices

I am probably too lazy to link exchange, or keep track of other blogs that link to my blog and find out who is cheating. So I decided to make a list of up to 100 recent blogs that have links pointing to DedeAndro Weblog. The content of these links are the content of respective owners, not mine:

It is easy to be included in this list. All you need to do is just, write a blog entry with a link to my blog or add my blog link to your blog, then your blog will automatically be shown in this list. The easiest way is, copy the code below and then embed it into your blog.

DedeAndro Weblog

The list is based on a Google search feed and burned by FeedBurner. So, blogs that links to my blog, need to be indexed by Google, and search engine friendly. There may be some delay before your link appears on this list, and no more cheating!

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