May 13, 2010

Comment Policy

Comment PolicyImage via PuneTech

Each blogger has their own standards of what is and is not acceptable in their blog.

I never censor comments. I only delete those comments that are offensive, use foul language, include attacks, or spam.

I love comments on this blog. They are as important as what I write. They add more knowledge to this blog. If you want to comment, then do not hesitate to say it.

Relevant comments in posts are appreciated. Because this will enrich and improve the quality of conversation.

Spam comments in posts are not appreciated and could be deleted. Comments spam could damage your reputation. If you just want to say "hi", "hello", "good blog", "nice blog", "great blog" etc., then you can leave your comments on GFC comments or shout box.

Sometimes I have trouble with comments spam. Currently, only registered users (includes OpenID) who will be able to post a comment. It will help reduce comment spam, since Blogger does not provide blocking feature.

Comments have the ability to build or tear down your reputation. So take care, be friendly, and be sure to add value.
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