May 19, 2010

Sepia Birthday Card

Birthday Card on DedeAndro Weblog Image by RedBubble

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May 16, 2010


FakebookAbout Fakebook.

Welcome to Fakebook. Helping people more social and connected.

Founded in May 2010, Fakebook is a weblog that facilitate and help people find out what is happening behind the social network. Anyone can sign up for Fakebook through Facebook Connect and interact with people they know.

Quickly find what we are doing, get in touch with us and keep up-to-date with our latest updates by subscribing to our feed. It is really appreciated if you can leave relevant comments to make this blog better.

May 14, 2010

Kristo, My New Puppy

KristoImage by DedeAndro via Flickr

As some of you may have read my previous post. INO, my first dog, is now one year and two months old. But now, I am very excited about getting a new puppy:

Name: Christopher von Owwa Castle aka KRISTO (H10056)
Born: January 11, 2010
Gender: Male
Breed: Golden Retriever
Father: Bruno von Rhema
Mother: Roxy von Owwa Castle

A week after I picked KRISTO at the breeder, I realized that he had a cough. I started looking for a vet near where I live, just in case he got any worse. But now, KRISTO is doing much better. He has more energy and he is feeling better. This shows me how much he is enjoying his new home.

He likes to play with "boys" and chasing them around. "Boys" has been the best brother for the puppy. It is an adorable moment to see.

I am still being very careful when INO and KRISTO play. INO frequently tramples and makes KRISTO fall. But I guess, its just how dogs play. I love playing along with INO and KRISTO, so I am a little busy when they were awake.

Here are the photos of KRISTO:

Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy Kristo, My New Puppy

Bruno and Roxy

Bruno Roxy

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I've been super busy this month. I will try to get around to visiting all of you.
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May 13, 2010

Comment Policy

Comment PolicyImage via PuneTech

Each blogger has their own standards of what is and is not acceptable in their blog.

I never censor comments. I only delete those comments that are offensive, use foul language, include attacks, or spam.

I love comments on this blog. They are as important as what I write. They add more knowledge to this blog. If you want to comment, then do not hesitate to say it.

Relevant comments in posts are appreciated. Because this will enrich and improve the quality of conversation.

Spam comments in posts are not appreciated and could be deleted. Comments spam could damage your reputation. If you just want to say "hi", "hello", "good blog", "nice blog", "great blog" etc., then you can leave your comments on GFC comments or shout box.

Sometimes I have trouble with comments spam. Currently, only registered users (includes OpenID) who will be able to post a comment. It will help reduce comment spam, since Blogger does not provide blocking feature.

Comments have the ability to build or tear down your reputation. So take care, be friendly, and be sure to add value.
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May 10, 2010

Christopher Von Owwa Castle Aka Kristo

Image: DedeAndro

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May 9, 2010

Birthday Candles

Image: Flickr

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May 7, 2010

Email Subscription

Email SubscriptionImage via Wikipedia

Email Subscription
Thank you for your request. You will receive a verification message once you submit the subscription form. We will activate your subscription to DedeAndro Weblog once you respond to it.

Enter your email address:

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May 5, 2010

Link Exchange

Link ExchangeImage via Voices

I am probably too lazy to link exchange, or keep track of other blogs that link to my blog and find out who is cheating. So I decided to make a list of up to 100 recent blogs that have links pointing to DedeAndro Weblog. The content of these links are the content of respective owners, not mine:

It is easy to be included in this list. All you need to do is just, write a blog entry with a link to my blog or add my blog link to your blog, then your blog will automatically be shown in this list. The easiest way is, copy the code below and then embed it into your blog.

DedeAndro Weblog

The list is based on a Google search feed and burned by FeedBurner. So, blogs that links to my blog, need to be indexed by Google, and search engine friendly. There may be some delay before your link appears on this list, and no more cheating!

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May 2, 2010

EntreAdgi (Entrecard Adgitize) Blog List

DedeAndro WeblogImage by DedeAndro

This is my personal blog list of Entrecard (top and recent droppers) and Adgitize enabled blogs that I visit based on my favorites and those who drop on DedeAndro Weblog regularly through Entrecard.

If you are not on this list and want to be listed, all you have to do is just drop your card regularly on my blog, then you can see your blog in this list.

I like to keep things fresh, so this list is updated several times a day, and may grow and change from time to time.

If you find this EntreAdgi list useful, please link to this post so others can benefit from it as well. Thank you.
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