Feb 25, 2010

PayPal WishList On Facebook Payment 2010

PayPal WishList On Facebook Payment 2010PayPal WishList On Facebook

PayPal Private Limited ROW Masspay just sent me money with PayPal.

Payment details
Sent by: PayPal Private Limited ROW Masspay
Payment sent to: dedeandro@xxxxx.com

Amount received: $2,00 USD
Fee amount: $0,00 USD
Net amount: $2,00 USD

Date: Jan 20, 2010
Time: 10:57:51 GMT+07:00
Status: Completed

Subject: PayPal Private Limited ROW Masspay has just sent you $2,00 USD with PayPal
Custom Note: "You¡¯ve got money! Thank you for participating in our Facebook WishList promotion. Your eligible earnings which comply with the terms and conditions of the campaign have now been deposited in your PayPal account. To claim it, log in to your PayPal account and click ¡®Accept¡¯. You'll have 30 days to claim your money. Enjoy! The PayPal Asia Team"
Payment Type: Instant


  1. beneran itu membayar bos...
    gue kok gk dapet2 ya...

  2. @ Sentra. Beneran kok Sob. Coba di cek lagi.

    @ 努力. What for?

  3. cools dud.......to make a money with paypallist, until now im never get my $$ in that place

  4. @ Harry. It's not a huge payment. At least, it is not a scam. Please recheck your in-box :)

  5. wah.. lumayan juga tuh ...
    gpp deh receh..

    menunggu lagi deh, moga ada program seperti ini lagi :)

  6. Wah mayan gan,,,buat beli Bakso,,,, hehehe

  7. @ Harry. I hope you are lucky.

    @ Hariyanto, Lowongan, Anne. Iya, lumayan juga sih :D

    @ Gerald. ?


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