Dec 10, 2009

Google Public DNS (Domain Name System)

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase

Most of us are not familiar with the Domain Name System (DNS) because it is often handled automatically by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), but it provides important functionality to the web.

As part of effort to make browsing the web faster, Google launched its own public DNS, called Google Public DNS.

Google Public DNS is a free DNS service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider.

By using Google Public DNS, you can:

* Speed up your browsing experience.
* Increase your security.
* Get the results you want without redirection.

The purpose of Google Public DNS is to help users experience of surfing the web faster, safer and more reliable.

If you decide to try Google Public DNS, you need to change your current DNS, and use the following two Google Public DNS servers:

Read their setup instructions for detailed information on how to configure the Google Public DNS on your computer or router.

I changed my DNS to the Google Public DNS today, and so far the loading pages seem to have a good step. If you've tried it, let share your opinion in the comments box.


  1. i haven try this one with my free blog domains this ok with free domains?

  2. I am happily using OpenDNS for now, but I think the emergence of another public DNS - I think this is a huge threat to the OpenDNS business.

    Sometimes with all the freebies Google provide, I just hope they won't dominate all of the world wide web.

  3. @ Gagay. If you experience problems with this DNS configuration, you can turn back to the your ISP's DNS.

    @ Prestonesterly. ??

    @ Gem. I think this is a fair way for other DNS providers to improve their services. I used to use OpenDNS, but since Google gives better in browsing speed, so I switched to Google Public DNS.

  4. wah.. agak bingung nih. gpp.. kita sama - sama belajar yaa.. kartolocyber

  5. @ Kartolo. Iya Sob, di blog ini kita sama-sama belajar :)

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  7. I've used OpenDNS in the past since my service provider's DNS isn't all that good. It seems like OpenDNS and Google's Public DNS are pretty similar. However, I do like how easy it is to remember the Google DNS server numbers

  8. @ Pretty. Wow, nice invitation.

    @ 6p00e00998c7f28833. I have to agree with you.


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