Dec 6, 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers November 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers November 2009 This lists the Entrecard users who dropped their card on DedeAndro weblog the most in the last 30 days:

I’m a mom and a wife to picky eaters which prompted me to search for yummy and healthy recipes, and modify so my family can enjoy them.

The Modern Mom
Moms like me are becoming more and more housekeeping savvy. From stretching the family budget to diy's, smart solutions and more.Being a wonder mom is now no sweat with all these wonderful alternatives.

A Simple Life
A 40 year old mother of two who likes to write just about anything. A baking enthusiast, a crafter and a hobbyist. This is about me, my views, my interests and my favorites.

Wirez and Circuitz
Computers, internet, technology, gadgets, movie trailers free downloads

Life's sweets and spices
A work-at-home-mommy who loves to cook, bake and read. A frustrated chef, now a dedicated blogger. Blogging makes me happy and this is where I share my thoughts, ideas, [sometimes] feelings, my love for food and then some…

Online Social Networking
Strategies and Tactics for Building Your Presence on the Web

Trends Finder 24/7
Read the latest news updates, new movie releases, full episodes, celebrity news, latest song and albums, business topics, computers and internet, health topics and more…

Art Shout
Art Shout Photo Blog - Art To Rock Your World

Laane on the World *
Laane on the World. A blog about news, travelling, parenting, blogging, lifestyle, health, autism spectrum disorder, daily life and politics at times. My children with autism spectrum disorder are a frequent inspiration
I'll accept a wide variety of EC blogs, but not those which are dedicated to moneymaking and advertising only.
I am so sorry the EC time is not completely used for your entrecards. It seems that everything should be done to allow others to earn money. Ugh!
(I would feel better when they'd donated for my autism foundation or for bagpipes for the girls. ;) )

CAP News *
News parody and satire, covering everything from Barack to Britney. Updated daily. Are you in on the joke?

Adgitize your web site.

Thank you for being my top droppers.

* Added to my EntreAdgi blog list.


  1. @ Liza. You are always and most welcome Liza. I do not know how to thank to you for all the drops. Thanks so much!

    @ Dave. Thanks for the drop Dave.

  2. Hello, this is my first visit using entrecard drop button, just to say hello to you! And Happy New Year 2010 to all how are commenting here.

  3. @ Haza. Great to hear that. Hope to see you in my top droppers list next month :D


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