Dec 30, 2009

#Zynga Texas Hold'em Poker

Zynga Texas Hold'em PokerImage via Zynga

Poker is a game of 5-card and Texas Hold'em is a version of 7-card poker. This means that at the end of the round, the players will have 7 cards to choose from, to make a 5-card in hand. Players are given the opportunity to bet on their hands. The player with the best hand will wins. Texas Hold'em is the type of the most popular poker played in casinos.

If you want to just relax enjoy the game of poker with friends, you can play Zynga Texas Hold'em Poker. Texas Hold'em application is one of the featured product of Zynga. They have a great social features including chip gifting, player rankings and much more. You can add poker buddies to see if your poker buddies online. Simply click on the player at the table and select "Add to Poker Buddies".

You can send gift chips to poker buddies using "send chips" tool. This tool can be found by clicking the buddy picture at the table or by viewing their profile page. However, you are not allowed to send gifts to be exchanged for money. Doing so will result in your accounts beings suspended or banned.

Zynga Poker is a fun way to connect with friends and meet like minded people.
* The fair play and friendly competitions are keys to keep things fun. Fairness means no cheating. Do not use other software or method to get an unfair advantage over other players. Harassment, offensive language, and threats are not allowed.

* Be yourself, and only yourself. You should not steal account from another user, log on as other users, or using multiple accounts.

With the rapid development of the poker game, poker fans from around the world began to participate in this online poker. If you look at the statistics, it shows that there are more than 200 thousand users who really enjoy playing Zynga Poker application every day.

You can play Zynga Texas Hold'em Poker on the following networks:






Please add me as your poker buddy if you want.

Dec 10, 2009

Google Public DNS (Domain Name System)

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase

Most of us are not familiar with the Domain Name System (DNS) because it is often handled automatically by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), but it provides important functionality to the web.

As part of effort to make browsing the web faster, Google launched its own public DNS, called Google Public DNS.

Google Public DNS is a free DNS service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider.

By using Google Public DNS, you can:

* Speed up your browsing experience.
* Increase your security.
* Get the results you want without redirection.

The purpose of Google Public DNS is to help users experience of surfing the web faster, safer and more reliable.

If you decide to try Google Public DNS, you need to change your current DNS, and use the following two Google Public DNS servers:

Read their setup instructions for detailed information on how to configure the Google Public DNS on your computer or router.

I changed my DNS to the Google Public DNS today, and so far the loading pages seem to have a good step. If you've tried it, let share your opinion in the comments box.

Dec 6, 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers November 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers November 2009 This lists the Entrecard users who dropped their card on DedeAndro weblog the most in the last 30 days:

I’m a mom and a wife to picky eaters which prompted me to search for yummy and healthy recipes, and modify so my family can enjoy them.

The Modern Mom
Moms like me are becoming more and more housekeeping savvy. From stretching the family budget to diy's, smart solutions and more.Being a wonder mom is now no sweat with all these wonderful alternatives.

A Simple Life
A 40 year old mother of two who likes to write just about anything. A baking enthusiast, a crafter and a hobbyist. This is about me, my views, my interests and my favorites.

Wirez and Circuitz
Computers, internet, technology, gadgets, movie trailers free downloads

Life's sweets and spices
A work-at-home-mommy who loves to cook, bake and read. A frustrated chef, now a dedicated blogger. Blogging makes me happy and this is where I share my thoughts, ideas, [sometimes] feelings, my love for food and then some…

Online Social Networking
Strategies and Tactics for Building Your Presence on the Web

Trends Finder 24/7
Read the latest news updates, new movie releases, full episodes, celebrity news, latest song and albums, business topics, computers and internet, health topics and more…

Art Shout
Art Shout Photo Blog - Art To Rock Your World

Laane on the World *
Laane on the World. A blog about news, travelling, parenting, blogging, lifestyle, health, autism spectrum disorder, daily life and politics at times. My children with autism spectrum disorder are a frequent inspiration
I'll accept a wide variety of EC blogs, but not those which are dedicated to moneymaking and advertising only.
I am so sorry the EC time is not completely used for your entrecards. It seems that everything should be done to allow others to earn money. Ugh!
(I would feel better when they'd donated for my autism foundation or for bagpipes for the girls. ;) )

CAP News *
News parody and satire, covering everything from Barack to Britney. Updated daily. Are you in on the joke?

Adgitize your web site.

Thank you for being my top droppers.

* Added to my EntreAdgi blog list.

Dec 1, 2009

All My Friendship Award 2009

All My Friendship Award 2009All My Friendship Award 2009

I would like to thank Gagay for giving me All My Friendship Award. Sorry for my late post.

This award represents the new friends who are always active, that we are all equal, and that we are brothers and sisters.

I would like to pass this award to those who want to have it.