Nov 5, 2009

Super Follower Award 2009

Super Follower Award 2009I got this Super Follower Award from Gagay. I really do not think that I would get this award. Thank you very much Gagay for including me on your list. I really appreciate it.

I also take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to read my posts and to leave comments. It is very meaningful to me. It helps me inspire to do better in blogging. Thank you very much.

I am inviting everyone to grab this award. Just let me know, I will put your link in this post.


  1. Congratulation's Dede.. you are one very deserving blogger out here and i wish you success in whatever more you do :-)

  2. Congratulations for your award, Dede. Your blog deserves it. :)

  3. @ Nisha, Mikes, Grace. Thank you very much. Your support is greatly appreciated.

  4. Congratulations de.....hope i can get one...hehe

  5. @ Vincensius. You can grab it if you want :)


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