Oct 4, 2009

DandyID To Manage Your Online Identities

DandyID To Manage Your Online IdentitiesDandyID is a free service that lets you collect and manage various online social identities (where you exist online) in one place, and allows people to find you on the web easily. DandyID is a great options for managing multiple identities online and can help you to keep things organized and together.

Your online identity is a collection of everything you do and the people you meet on the web. Since the web is so big, your identities are usually spread over many different sites, but not always communicate with one another, then DandyID helps you integrate all the parts and share what you want to share.

DandyID provides you with profiles that are recognized globally, and you only need to fill it once. The profile then automatically appears on DandyID enabled sites. When there are changes, you can update it from DandyID site, and the updates will automatically be updated on others.

DandyID serves more than 300 services, including Facebook, MySpace, Google, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and many more. DandyID also provides the tools you need to find where your friends all over the web and take those contacts with you in one place online.

Its authentication function allows you to verify your identity in some services (Twitter, Facebook, Brightkite, Flickr, MySpace and YouTube) to ensure that the linked accounts are indeed yours.

Overall, I am very impressed and pleased with the DandyID service. Managing online identities should now be much easier. How about you? How do you manage your online identities?

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  1. Hadn't heard of this one yet. thanks for posting. Pretty soon everything will be interlinked somehow which should make your online experience much easier.

  2. @ Roschelle.
    Yup, I agree with you. I just found it interesting so I post and share with others here :)

  3. @ Vincensius.
    Yup, not a problem! I hope you found it useful :)

  4. "Apa kabar :P ,kunjungan rutin nc,happy blogging"


  6. @ Djarum, Bachabe. Ho ho, thank you very much :)

    @ Musik. Pagi, kabar baek.

  7. @ Fiqyud, Djarum. Kok nggak ninggal pesen di shout box aja?


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