Oct 17, 2009

Adgitize, One Week Advertising Results

Adgitize, One Week Advertising ResultsOn October 8, 2009, I bought an ad space on Adgitize network to run for a full month for $ 14 to see if I can make money and get traffic to my blog with it. It's about a week from now, and I have some results to share with you.

This report shows how many times my ad has been viewed or clicked.

Clicks Earned DateAd NameAd Clicks

Total ad views: 39809, total ad clicks: 503

Ad NameAd ViewsAd Clicks

Two important things: I not only can make money with Adgitize, but I also get traffic to my blog.

Adgitize your web site.

Ad views are the number of times my ad was viewed.
Ad clicks represent the number of times someone has clicked on my ad.

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  1. It is worth noting that Adgitize will be raising their prices in November. Several of us have been talking about this on our blogs. I think even at the new price, it is still a good program.

    For more details on this, stop by and read my blog post Adgitizing's Price Increase. Also check out some of the other folks that I link to who have also been addressing this.

  2. Why am I not surprised. I am sure the people behind Adgetized are profiting quite nicely since so many walked away from Entrecard. I am just waiing for CMF to start charging also. It is all buisness and profits everywhere you go :)

  3. @ Aldon. Hi Aldon, thanks for mention it. I forgot to write that Adgitize will be raising their prices in November. Since this is my first experience to be an advertiser so I'll wait and see the traffic statistics of my blog if it is still worth or not.

  4. @ Dorothy. I'll wait and see the next improvement. I hope we will get more benefit from it.

  5. Adgitize taking advantage from people leaving EC, so their rise the ads price. Well it's not very nice :(

  6. another alternative for ads program beside google adsense..btw, it's nice info for sharing this program..
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  7. @ Another. I think it's okay if the price comparable to what we can get (i.e.: more traffic or more of income).

    @ Daniel. Have you tried it? Come and join if you have not joined.

  8. i've joined for a month .. .but my earning only $0,01/day :(

    can u teach me how to optimize adgitize?


  9. @ Ferri. As they said: 'Adgitize never claim to send a large payment'. So you won't get rich with this program.

  10. Thanks for the helpful post. I registered as a publisher on Adgitize 2 days ago and I realized that Adgitize didn't bring traffic to my blog unless I had bought ads on it. By showing ads on my page, I think this program is for advertisers in spite of publishers. Publishers only earn a small amount from it.
    btw, if you have time you can drop by my blog to get the new high quality graphics: UD Graphics

  11. @ Bee. You won't get traffic if you are not buying an ad on the network. But, I would have to agree with you that the publisher only earn a small amount of dollar. Hopping to earn more from it.


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