Sep 24, 2009

Wibiya, Interactive Tools For Your Blog

Wibiya, Interactive Tools For Your BlogWibiya allows you to integrate, manage and track applications and widgets into blog via customized toolbar.

Currently they offer a main set of tools:

* Blog community via Facebook connect (including the shout box) to communicate with the community and learn what they like in order to drive traffic and build your own blog.
The Blog Community shout box is a more integral way that directly connect your Facebook community with your blog. It makes communication easier for members of your community and offer more capabilities for interaction between the audience, as they can post comments on the shout box.

* Twitter alerts on your blog and share your tweets with your reader in real time, includes an integrated Twitter search.
The content comes from your Twitter stream. It used to build a community in Twitter and on your own blog.

* Engage the reader and improve page views with Blog Search, Translation, Posts Navigator (recent and random posts navigation), Photo Gallery, Games, Subscribe to RSS feed, and Sharing Tool.

Their user friendly and customizable toolbar will improve and make your blog better. It becomes an easier way to keep updated with your Facebook and Twitter.

Your blog can take advantage of existing social networks, media tools and communities on the social web.

Wibiya is in beta, but they are still making changes and additions. They have added some changes suggested by the community.

So far, the toolbar looks good and unique. It has a very good interface design and can be adjusted with the theme of my blog. I cannot wait to see their next improvement. What do you think about Wibiya toolbar?

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  1. I installed it on one of my blogs and I think it is pretty cool. Noticed another one the Meebo bar at

  2. @ Gadget.
    Thanks :)

    @ Prisqua.
    Yeah, I do agree with you. I have not try Meebo bar.


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