Sep 18, 2009

Gigya, Simple Widget Distribution

Gigya, Simple Widget Distribution Gigya provides free tools to help widget developers to distribute, track, analyze, and optimize the widgets.

This tool is easy to integrate in web pages or any widget. It is fully customizable to match your blog design using a simple setup wizard.

If you have limited space on your blog, you can use a simple button to put in your blog. Clicking on this button will open a small Gigya window. Typically, it is placed next to the widget on the web page. Users can then easily grab and place the widget (embed code) on the destination of their choice.

With Gigya Send to a Friend and Bookmark button, allowing your readers easily to share your page via email or add it to their most popular social networks, blog platforms, and bookmarking sites without leaving your blog.

I think it is very simple. That is why I am using it on Papiere ECard blog.

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  1. bagus bung.. bisa ajarin bloging ga? hehhe

  2. @ Indra.
    You can contact / drop me a line or two on my blog shout box.

  3. siplah, bagi2 ilmu ke yg lain, keep share bro

  4. @ Aryo.
    Yup, I will. Thanks for the support as well :)


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