Sep 30, 2009

Blogger OpenID Commenting

Blogger OpenID CommentingOpenID is a safe, faster, and easier way to log in to OpenID enabled sites with one set of login. It is a way to authenticate your comments on other blogs.

With OpenID, your password is only given to your identity provider, and the provider then confirms your identity to the sites you visit. So you do not have to worry about insecure sites compromising your identity.

Here are some of the advantages of using OpenID:

* OpenID accelerates log in process by allowing you to sign in to Web sites with a single click. So you spend more time engaged with a website and less time filling the signup pages.

* As an identity management, OpenID can be more thorough about protecting your online identity. Most websites operators are less likely protecting your identity.

Some large organizations are now accepting OpenID, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, MySpace, and many more.

If you use one of the following services, you already have an OpenID:

B Blogger

F Flickr

M MySpace


W WordPress

Since Blogger becomes an OpenID provider, you can now comment on other blogs using your blog URL as an OpenID and identify yourself as the owner of your own blog on any website that accept OpenID authentication, instead of commenting anonymously. Your display name will be appeared as the author of the comment and will be linked to your Blogger OpenID URL.

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