Sep 12, 2009

BitPixels Free Website Thumbnails

BitPixels Free Website ThumbnailsIf you own a blog directory service, you may need a website thumbnail generator to generate preview of each submitted blogs. One of website thumbnail generators that I used in my blog directory is, BitPixels. BitPixels provides a thumbnail of any website that you can save and post to your blog or use in directory services.

BitPixels generates the thumbnail instantly. There is no registration required and you can log in with your Google account. It is powered by Google App Engine.

Almost all of website thumbnail generators work pretty much the same, but I consider BitPixels as the simplest and easy to integrate in any platform.

See the thumbnail I created using BitPixels above or see it live on my blog directory.

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  1. That is a great link to share and bookmark, thanks for that.

  2. @ Draxc0la, Prisqua.
    Glad you enjoyed the post :)


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