Aug 26, 2009

Twitter Has Suspended My Account

Twitter Has Suspended My AccountMy Twitter account was suspended.

Account Suspended.
This account is currently suspended and is being investigated due to strange activity. If we have suspended your account mistakenly, please let us know. See Suspended Accounts for more information.

I am just curious, why my account was suspended. How do I get my account back? Any of you ever experienced this?

Image: Twitter

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  1. Hey there. Whoa. I didn't see that coming. Maybe they think your account is part of some kind of spam ring. That's the only thing that I can think of that would justify Twitter suspending your account.

  2. Hey D,

    I've heard of this happening to people, but I also heard it's a pain getting your account restored. Don't you love it that they don't tell you why?

  3. haven't experienced that. have you been spamming? joke...

  4. why your account was suspended de?? sori de, i don't know how to get your account back, but i will help you if me find away for get your account.

  5. I have never experienced that...hope the thing gets sorted out soon

  6. lol!

    I'm sorry. I can't help it.Mine's suspended too.

    Exactly the same as yours!

    -suspended due to strange activity-

    Come on! I don't know what they're talking unfair.

    At first I really felt soooooo bad.Coz I'm getting traffic from twitter.

    Well let's just laugh at them!

  7. your tweet more than ur follower and following

  8. well, i remember being suspended in a social networkin site i think but not twitter(not really a fan yet). i didnt see any way in their site on how to reactivate it so i dropped them a feedback and requested to restore my account:) luckily they did:D

    i hope that helps:)

  9. @ Metal, Michael, Mikes, Drax, Kasabian, Moon, Panca, Cathara. Thank you for all your feedback, support and help. I never did a spam. I do not know yet why my account was suspended. The last statistics, I have 1000+ followers, following 1000+ and 800+ tweets. I have sent a request to them to restore my account and I am still waiting for their response. Wish me luck :)

  10. Last I heard Twitter was going to start suspending accounts that followed too many people all at once trying to get people to follow them back.

  11. get spirit bro...

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  12. senang berkunjung ketempat anda..salam kenal ya

  13. @ Mellisa. I just try following people who follow me, that's all. I never follow many people at once. That is why I was curious why my account's suspended.

    @ Pancallok, Lagibaca. If you just want to say hello, please leave your messages on my blog shoutbox or GFC Comments. Thank you!

  14. Wow Dede this is just terrible. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I have never had it happen. But, once I left Twitter and they stated if I left it might be very difficult to get my account reinstated. They also said I would not be able to reinstate with the same email address.

    But, when I got my issues resolved and found out where my spamming was coming from I simply went right back up with the same email address logged in and stated that I wanted my account reactivated.

    They did it within seconds, with the same email address and I still has all of my followers and everything.

    I hope it goes easy for you. I very rarely on Tweeter as you know because we follow each other. I only keep it to tweat my new posts.

    Hang in there and good luck!!

  15. Sorry to hear about this D...I am sure they will reactivate your account once they look into it.

  16. @ Shinade, Dorothy.
    I'm upset but it is OK. Really, I do not want this to happen to my one and only account, but what I can do. I do hope my account back again and I've asked for it twice but still no answer. Thank you for your attention and for great support. I really appreciate that.

    The best hugs to you both, Jackie and ~ D ~

  17. Hi Dede.. so sorry to hear about this terrible thing.. i guess someone's tampering with your tweets, but hope the problem gets resolved soon. I've been reading your tweets and posts direct in my email, and that's what made me jump here at once. Sorry i've been busy with the family lately so not able to blog and blog hop but don't worry am reading all your updates :-)

    As for twitter! Am not much of a user for the reason that its full of spams :(

  18. @ Nisha.
    Not a problem Nisha, since I have not receive the answer from them then there's nothing I can do. Ah, it's OK Nisha :) How's your family there? I do hope they're all doing fine :).

    Big hugs to Nisha and families.


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