Aug 6, 2009

JS-Kit Echo Watch Live Conversation

JS-Kit EchoJS-Kit Echo provides complete features commenting system for your blog. It is a lightweight widget and easy to install on static or dynamic blog page.

Echo connect your blog to social networks. Each comment becomes an action for friends to come and check your content.

Echo is simple and let you change the way you share comment and content on the web. You can quickly embed Echo on your blog and turn your blog into your real-time streaming.

The widget can be easily installed on your blog for free with only a few lines of JavaScript code and it can be customized to match the theme of your blog.

The main features:

* Watch people react to your content without refreshing the page.
* Echo helps people keep track of contributions and engage in conversations.
* Visitors can share your content with their friends across their favorite social networks while expanding the conversation and drive new traffic.
* Echo capture conversations related to your content on the web and put them on your page.
* Echo allows people to connect to your blog using their profile from the popular social networks.
* Echo allows users to share images and video to enrich the conversation.
* Echo provides various ways for users to get involved and express their opinions.

Echo will help you to optimize your blog easily based on how people surf your blog. It also collects feedback and comments from the social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed into a real time streaming conversations without refreshing the comment page manually. You can try this service on Echo-DedeAndro.
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  1. Hi Dede Andro,

    How will I be able to remove this widget? In case I no longer want to integrate it with the current comment system on blogger?


  2. i just got it installed on my new blog

  3. @ Angel. As I know, all you have to do is just remove the JS-Kit page element or you may contact JS-Kit team for further support.

    @ Enad. Then, what do you think? :)

  4. Yup, thanks.. I tried removing it, but realized I like it.. so I placed it back again.. hehe.. :) I was wondering how to contact you directly, I have a few questions that I wanna ask.. but am shy to ask it here.. :)

  5. @ Angel. You can contact me via "Contact" link on the footer of this blog.

    @ Dorothy. Yeah, I have a test blog for it. Go here:

  6. i tried to use it but i'd have to have a paid subsription for the real-time commenting feature

  7. @ Dorothy. Thanks ~D~ :)

    @ Enad. What kind of subscription? Domain?


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