Aug 30, 2009

Get Dropbox To Store And Share Files Easily

Get Dropbox To Store And Share Files Easily
Dropbox is the software that syncs your files online and your computer. It is also the easiest way to store and share files online, and makes your files up to date.

Once the files stored on the Dropbox server and become available online, then you can access them from any computer or using Dropbox website.

Files in the Dropbox folder can then be shared with other users or accessed from the web. Users can also upload files manually through a web browser.

Dropbox offers two GB of storage for free account. Wow, it's a big storage for me. But the most important thing is that it also supports direct link. So now I can move my files from GooglePages to Dropbox. Since GooglePages does not support files hosting anymore, I think Dropbox is a good alternative.

To get started, you can go to Dropbox.

If you know other better services than Dropbox, please share with us here.

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  1. hello how are u friend?
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  2. @
    Please Don't Spam! If you just wanna say hello, drop me a line or two in my shoutbox!

  3. It makes us more easily instead upload and upload again, I wish I got more than 2 GB.., maybe I should pay for it.

  4. @ Handycrafts.

    @ Hasan Nudin.
    Yeah, they offer up to 100GB for Pro account. Check their site for more info.

  5. will drop the bomb..thanks for coming by!

  6. de,
    thanks utk infonya.
    tapi aman kan kita tdk akan 'diapa-apain'..

    sori kalo pake bahasa...hehe

  7. @ Dhemz.
    Oops! Don't drop the bomb please :) LOL.

    @ Budiawan.
    Selama ini ga ada masalah kok bang. Kalo GooglePages udah ga bisa dipake hosting JavaScript, langsung saya pindah ke GetDropbox. Ga pa-pa bang, sante aja :)


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