Jul 18, 2009

Zemanta Helps To Make Your Blog Better

ZemantaImage via CrunchBase

Zemanta is a browser add-on for Firefox to make your blogging activities easier. It gives content recommendations for your posts without having to install it on your blog. It saves your time and improve your blog posts with relevant links, pictures, articles and tags (labels). All recommended content will give you additional ideas and better experience on what to write about.

Zemanta works on all major blogging platforms. For Blogger users, you only need to install Zemanta Firefox Add-on. Once the add-on is installed, Zemanta will open in the sidebar next to Blogger post editor, and starts to give you relevant suggestions for links, pictures, articles, and tags (labels).

The related articles feature allows you to link to trusted blog posts and as well as your own content. Blogger Labels are easier to use with it, because Zemanta automatically suggests labels for you (based on the text of your post), and creates the labels for you if you like.

This my first experience using Zemanta. I think, it is a cool tool and also a great way to discover other blogs that talking about similar topics. Yeah, I can make better blog posts now.

Watch the video below to see how Zemanta works.

Click here to download Zemanta Firefox Extension.

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  1. helo my friends.....is my first time to visiting here

  2. Really enjoy all of the timely and informative tips found on your site. Any ideas on what I can do to help my own site? Your advice will go a long way.

    Follow me: @tonyknuckles

  3. @ He, Anthony. Glad you found it useful.

    @ Nyegik. Thanks for visiting.

  4. That is an awesome tool and one that I will be downloading right now. Thanks for sharing as I have never heard of this before.

  5. Hey D...Hmmm...if you have used it and you say it is worth using...then I will give it a try!

  6. @ Tycoon, Dorothy. I like the way they suggest me for related articles (since blogger does not provide it), images, and tags. One more great tool to help me develop this blog.

  7. i like this article. thanks for sharring

  8. Sounds good D...how long have you had it and is it easy for a not so technical person to use it?

  9. @ A, Effect, Social, Apih, Penchenk. Thanks for your feedback.

    @ Dorothy. This post is my first experience using Zemanta. Yes, absolutely ~D~, it is easy to use :)

  10. Ok...I have it and tested it out and it is a good thing to have. Many thanks D for yet another fantastic find and suggestion.

    Huggz to you and so many thanks for sharing your cool ways to make blogging that much more easier:)

  11. @ Imam, Cassey. Thanks? Great? What for guys? LOL.

    @ Maliki, Dita. Yup, no problem. Thanks for your feedback :)

    @ Dorothy. I'm glad to share it with you. Hope you will always find useful posts here.

  12. Hi DedeAndro, this is why I love your blog because of your helpful and informative articles....I added this application and it is so useful in my Typepad dashboard....I learned so many things from your blog.

  13. @ Bingkee. I am very glad to hear that from you Bingkee :)


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