Jul 14, 2009

TweetLater Auto Follow And Unfollow Features

TweetLaterI have seen a lot of people automatically follow people who follow them. They are interested in a reciprocal relationship with friends and other followers on Twitter.

Just like other people, I also want to follow everyone who follow me.
So, I decided to use TweetLater to auto follow my followers and unfollow those people who unfollow me.

TweetLater is an application that allows you to manage your Twitter account to publish tweets on a schedule. You can tweet now and publish it later. It also allows you to follow people (new followers) / unfollow those people who unfollow you automatically, even when you are not in front of your computer (online). These automation features are great options to have for busy people. It can help you save a lot of clicking "Follow" button time on Twitter. It is very cool.

All you need to do is just, sign up for an account at TweetLater. When finished, go to your "Twitter Account Automation" page and check "Auto Follow" and "Auto Unfollow" options. That is it, now you are ready.

I always want to follow new people. So, do not hesitate to add me at @DedeAndro.


  1. very great templates, may i ask for my blog, if its posible pls sent replay to my email @ wong_sambie@yahoo.com, thanks before

  2. @ Apih, Apihsoft, Great. You are welcome.

    @ Newbie. You can contact me via Contact link on the footer of my blog.

  3. Is it similar to Tweet Deck? That was more information than I needed. I do forget to tweet, so maybe this will work. All the best.

  4. I never knew this existed. Thanks!

  5. @ Cyber. I have not used TweetDeck. Maybe I will try it later.

    @ Schizoshrink, Stacie. You are welcome :)


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