Jul 31, 2009

FeedCat Feed Boosting Service

FeedCat is a free service to boost your RSS feed and redirects your feed to a new address. It serves as an RSS and Atom feeds public catalogue. You can submit or promote your feed content for free.

Just like other feed burner, FeedCat calculates the number of your feed subscribers. You also get a feed counter to show off on your blog. Your new feed address will look like this: http://feed.feedcat.net/DedeAndro.

There are several reasons why you should boost your feed:

* Your feed will be more easily to read and user friendly.
* The contents of your boosted feed will be promoted on their site.
* Your feed can be tagged and found more easily.
* You can keep track of the subscribers.
* You can take full control over the content of your feed.

FeedCat includes a feed directory where your feed is listed based on tags that you provide on registration. You can specify the update frequency of FeedCat to checks your blog for new content. They also provide a couple of different templates for you to choose and make your feed easier to read.
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