Jun 19, 2009

Spam "SpIM" Messaging

You have probably seen a spam message on your shout box. Activities of a small number of people are becoming a problem for blog owner. I do not know how to fight spam to keep the shout box useful for all people.

Spam "SpIM" Messaging is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including instant messaging services, shout box) to send unsolicited messages.
A wrong way to promote blogs or commercial services (via affiliate link, URL forwarding). This often happens in my shout box.

The reason I put a shout box in my blog is for people / readers who just want to wish me a nice day, say hello, say they were here, but not to promote commercial services. I am tired of telling them to not to do that, but they still do.

Here are the samples of SpIM on my shout box:

- Jxxxxx: Let's walk, read, and share. (Are you talking to me or just want to promote your services?)
- Jxxxxx: Submit your blog, and get visitors from our traffic! Let's walk, read and share. (Same as above)
- Pxxxxxx: Pelajari bagaimana mendapatkan 1 juta Rupiah pertama anda terlebih dahulu sebelum anda MIMPI mendapatkan 100 juta atau 1 miliar. (Affiliate link)
- Hxxx: [link]. (Do you want me to click that link or what?)
- Ixxxxxxx: Membuat Ekstensi Rahasia. (What should I do then? LOL)

Here are the better:

- Bxxx: Blog Hopping here ;). (Thanks for dropping by)
- Nxxxx: Hi thanks for dropping by... Stay in touch... Cheers... (Hi, you are most welcome)
- Dxxxxxx: Mampir sobat [link]. (Makasih udah mampir, I will visit your blog for sure)
- Axx: Wednesday visit! Visit and comment back if you have time ;). (Thanks for your visit, I will drop you a line)
- Ixxxx: Good! Nice to hear you are OK.. Keep this friendship my friend. Thank you. (Yes, I will. Do not worry friend)

So tell me, what will you do if this "SpIM" happens to your shout box?


  1. I was having the same problem with my "Chat Box". It got so bad until I reluctantly took it off. I still have shout box on my other blog. But, it gets tiresome having to delete and ban these people. I hated losing contact with all those nice people. But, I had no real choice.

  2. Hi DedeAndro! I have to admit that I did some type of spam in the beginning when I was starting with my blog but not anymore. Now I always try to get traffic to my blog from a "decent" way

  3. hello dedeandro,im newbie in blogging..

    your blog is very cool..

  4. Ooh I am having the same problem! I have been getting a lot of these SPAM messages on my Chat Box recently and I don't know what to do with them. It's nice that people drop by but I wish they'll send more personal messages and their plugging their blogs/sites rather than just plainly plugging.

  5. How about listen dangdut in my blog..

  6. You must got many experience related to Spam "SpIM" Messaging

  7. @ David, Tuktuk, Mara, Kevin, Opung. Do I have to remove the shout box? What do you think? We all know that spammers are our problem now.

    @ Business, S4ndy, Stop, Willy. Thanks.

    @ Dangduters. Please do not do Spam! Please.

    @ Financial. Yes, it still happens on my blog shout box right now. Check it out.

  8. I get so mad when people do that. I just got a spam comment on my blog the other day. How stupid. If you are going to leave a comment, leave a comment, but not spam!

  9. we send a message in Shoutbox only to notify the updates blog, and perhaps may be useful for bloggers. and we send the message only when our blog updates. Keep Share ! I hope you understand.Regards and thanks..

  10. @ Alterity. Agreed, that's why I hate when people are spamming my shout box. I hate when they use my shout box to increase traffic to their blogs. Right now, I've banned a couple of spammers IP to reduce SpIM.

    @ Internet. As I mentioned above, I put a shout box in my blog is for readers who want to "say hello". This is the way how I (as the owner) communicate with readers / visitors to my blog. If you want blog owner to visit and read your post, invite them with nice words so they would happy to visit your blog and read your post.

  11. Thank you for kindly inform me.
    Please accept my appology for the rude respons yesterday from me.
    Hope, it increases our friendship in better understanding.

    Cheers, jakarta spa

  12. @ Jakarta. You are welcome. I have removed your IP / URL from banned list so now you can leave your message on my blog shout box. Keep my shout box clean without SpIM :) See you there friend!

    - Best regards

  13. But they are your visitors too.. They put something on your chatbox just want you to trace them back and give them a visit.

    Why make it so complicated? Learn to value your vistors! Or else what for you dying promoting your blog? For visitors i.e traffic isn't it?

    No wonder you block my IP address when I'm want to say hello to you in this morning. But sadly I found you at Blogcatalog.

    Last word, I hope I will not landing here by accidentally or purposely. Nomore!

  14. @ Qumang. I think you should clearly read about what I have wrote and the replied comments above as well because I don't want to go further explaining about this.

    You have a right for not visiting my blog again, and I have a right to block SpIMmers to reduce SpIMs on my blog shout box. Thank you!


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