Jun 5, 2009

PublicityWheel Free Blog Traffic

PublicityWheel is a unique way to increase traffic to your blog. This service is free of charge. They will spin the wheel and feature a blog from each category. The more tickets you have, the better your chances. You will get free five tickets publicity every time someone clicks on the widget / banner on your blog. These publicity points will help to increase the chances of your blog to be selected on the next spin.

When featured, your ad will be seen in all blogs within the category for five days.

The goal of PublicityWheel is to provide opportunity for blog owner to improve and to increase the traffic.


  1. Hi DedeAndro, thanks for this info. I went into their site and find it very interesting and promising. I am really joining and give it a try.

  2. Thanks for the information..
    very useful for me..

  3. And because of this tip. I clicked your Publicity Wheel. Have a nice day :D

  4. i'll try deh dede, nice info... mudah2an naik trafficnya dengan pake ini... thx ya.

  5. @ Bingkee. Yup, no problem Bingkee :)

    @ Blogging. Glad you found it useful.

    @ Agent. Hi Agent, thanks for supporting me by clicking on the widget. Appreciated :)

    @ Idot. Sure Idot :)

  6. ok. thanks for tips D... good luck

  7. @ Ian. Yup, thanks for the feedback :)


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