Jun 26, 2009

NetworkedBlogs Bring Your Blog To Facebook

NetworkedBlogs is an extension of Facebook application to promote your blog on Facebook and to discover new blogs, and provide more exposure to your blog. It is a community of bloggers and blog lovers.

With NetworkedBlogs, you can:
- Promote your blog by adding your blog to NetworkedBlogs directory.
- Read news, vote articles you like, connect with other people who read and write about subjects you like.
- Import your blog posts to your wall profile and in your friends news feed on Facebook.
- Let your friends see your latest post when they visit your page on NetworkedBlogs.
NetworkedBlogs bring your blog to Facebook, and take Facebook to your blog. It is an effective way to increase traffic to your blog and other blogs of interest. NetworkedBlogs on Facebook is one of many free applications available for those who have an account on Facebook.

If you want to follow DedeAndro Weblog using this application, you can do from here: DedeAndro NetworkedBlogs, and here: AddYours NetworkedBlogs if you want to follow AddYours Directory on Facebook.


  1. I think it's a good thing to promote our blog with SMO method...

  2. Nice posting about networkedblogs at facebook.
    Very intresting for me.

    it's very helpful to promote our blog.

    Btw this is my new blog (from http://tips-blogging-irfan.blogspot.com)

  3. @ Cinema. Thanks for your feedback :)

  4. nice post friend.. give me an idea to promote my blog :)

  5. Indeed that's a very good way to increase traffic on a blog. And that's one of the advantages of having an account on facebook. Not all bloggers know about this application, though. If anyone has more tipps on increasing traffic, please share with us. Cheers!

  6. @ Alpha, Dominic. Glad you found it useful. Surely, I will share what I know about 'increasing traffic' here, on my blog.

  7. Hi Dede

    I have done up a post on how to setup NetworkedBlogs here http://thesocialmediaguide.com.au/2009/06/21/networkedblogs-bring-your-blog-to-facebook/

  8. @ M@tt. Hi M@tt, that's awesome post. The readers here should read your post. Thanks for sharing.


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