Jun 23, 2009

Google FriendConnect Profiles

Google FriendConnect ProfilesWith a Google FriendConnect Profile, you can now easily share your web content in one central location. You can enter some information about you in this public pages and show people a bit more about who you are. You can include your online name (to make your profile more easily to find), photos, links to your blogs, and other profiles such as Facebook and Friendster. This profile will not display any private information.

To make it easier for friends to see your other content on the Web and to give other people an easy way to follow or join your blog (via Google FriendConnect widget), I suggest you to add links to your blogs. Be sure to upload your profile image. Many bloggers have not used this feature yet.

Share your information with your friends and family, so they always get up to date information about you. You do not need to display your real name or email address if you do not want to. With 'Send a message' feature, anyone with a Google account can contact you without showing your email address in your profile.

Click here to see my profile. Have you create your own Google FriendConnect profile?


  1. I haven't created my Google Friend Connect. Is it useful? why don't join larger social sites such as facebook?

  2. hmmmm....I know this information yet...

    what a great article...

  3. Artikelnya bagus sekali, terimakasih.

    Agung Nugroho (celunk)
    Owner http://icakicik.com

  4. he..he.. facebook just enough, thank ya .. good info

    have a nice day!!

  6. He..he... Good Info Bro..!!! I will Following You...
    Please Support Me ?

  7. @ Stop. I'm not really sure about that. If you follow me, I'll follow you back :) Just give me a day or two.

    @ Car. Yes, it's useful for me.

    @ N. Thanks.

    @ Owner, Friendz, Small. You are welcome.

    @ Ceebook. Facebook's not enough for me :)

    @ Bamz. Next time, you may leave a message on my blog shout box.

  8. Lah? Google buat beginian juga, mau nyaingin Facebook apa ya?

  9. @ Stop. Nggak sob, Google buat Profile ini untuk berinteraksi sesama blogger dan pengguna akun Google.


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