Jun 27, 2009

FeedjitTwit To Show Your Twitter Stream

FeedjitTwitFeedjitTwit is a Twitter widget for your blog to displays all your tweets, public replies and conversation stream you have received (in other words, all the tweets that you have created and all the replies you have received). It is sorted by the most recent first.

You only need Twitter screen name and password to use this widget. By using your Twitter user name, they can update your feed more often. It's easy to use, and you can customize your Twitter widget by selecting the color and fill in your Twitter user name and password on their site.

Once your Twitter widget created, you can cut and paste their code into your blog template. It may take a minute to load for the first time, but then it should be no problem.
Click here to get a FeedjitTwit widget for your blog.


  1. horay...pertama1 nee...

    heikz....g2 ta...??

  2. Nice posting..
    very useful for me and the bloggers.

    I will use this widget after I make twitter account.

    btw I have add your link at my blogroll

  3. hemm..
    sayangnya mas, aq belum ikutan twitter nih.

    mas, tukeran link yuk..

  4. There are too many of these to choose from!

  5. @ Nur. Yup, gitu sob :)

    @ Cinema. Hope you found it useful. Will check it out then.

    @ Itthai. Ikutan aja, gratis kok. Boleh, follow this link:

    - http://dedeandro.blogspot.com/2008/10/magical-links.html

    Add sendiri ya :)

    @ Dwacon(R). Lets choose the better ones.


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