Jun 17, 2009

Entrecard Cash Out June 2009

EntrecardAgain, when I checked my email, I was surprised to know that I have got new funds. Entrecard just sent me money with PayPal.
Payment details
Amount: $5,00 USD
Transaction Date: Jun 9, 2009
Subject: Entrecard CashOut
Custom note: CashOut payment for 5000 Entrecard Credits.
Not bad, Entrecard has transferred $5,00 USD to my PayPal account for 5000 Entrecard credits I exchanged for cash last week ($1 for 1000 credits).

Honestly, I was not really sure that this program will work, but it has gone after I made my first $5 from Entrecard cash out program. Yes, this is my first payment from Entrecard on June 2009 and I just got a chance to post about it now.

So now, you have more reason to keep dropping, go try yourself. Good luck!


  1. Congratulations on your cash out.
    I will avail the EC Cashout when I reach 25K credits.

  2. wah dapet duit mulu sih... wah saya ketinggalan neh make money online-nya sama dede... ya iya laaahh... kekekeke....

  3. @ Vlad, Devi, Idot, Hamzah. Wow, thank you for all your support :)

  4. @ Trench. I'm not really sure when it started, but you can read on their blog to find out more.

  5. Though, it's small amount of bucks, EC has proved that by following its rules, we can generate more money

  6. when did they start giving cash what r its details ?

  7. congratz yah..keren neh cari dollarnya.

  8. Wow nice info to motivation one of other to use entercard

  9. @ Small. Yes, Entrecard has proved it :)

    @ 300. Read my previous comment.

    @ Gossip. Makasih atas dukungannya :)

    @ Body. That is why I like to do dropping :)

  10. I have about 1,200 credits available for cashout. I keep asking how the credits would be cashed but got no answer. Did they ask for our Paypal address when we filled out the cashout program application? Anyway I guess I am going to deposit another 100-some credits into the transfer. I wonder when they will FINALLY cashout.

  11. @ TheBluest. Yes, they ask PayPal address to complete payment. Did they ask your PayPal address too?


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