Jun 12, 2009

Best Blog Award 2009

Best Blog Award 2009This Best Blog Award was given to me by my blogosphere friend, Lily. You may notice that she always never forget to include me every time she received any kind of awards. I want to take this opportunity to thank to Lily for not forgetting me.

I would like to pass this award to my friends even if they have received this award or not:
Idotkontji, Blogging Profit, Dorothy L, Gossip, Elementary Differential Equations, Dave, Duniabasket, Sapujagadku, Lyla, and Mckhoii.
Do not hesitate to grab this award.


  1. selamat ya untuk yang dapat award

    tambah selamat nih ngBlognya

  2. @ IHSAN. Moga bisa jadi penambah semangat :)

  3. Hi Dede Andro,
    Thanks for posting the "Best Blog Award".
    Where are the two more Awards?

    Just curious, 'cause they seems not to appear here.

    All the best,


  4. Hi!
    I mean I cannot find "The Best Followr Award" &
    "A Lovely Blog Award". You want to post them later, it is ok, no problem!

    Take you time, ok?

    Bye ....

  5. Hi!
    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I read your msg again at my Cbox and realized that I did not read it properly.

    OK dear, sorry again. You can take your take and post the rest whenever you are free, ok.

    All my best wishes to you, God bless you always!

    Bye ..

  6. Dede, I am glad that you received this award. Your site is great. I myself am a poet and writer. I have no time to chat on social blogs. Twitter, ect and I do not own a cell phone.

    love, Melanie -bd

  7. wwwyyyyy....selamat yow...

    kapan q dapet kaya gitu!!

  8. Did you know that an average preschooler laughs approx. 400 times per day...an adult averages 15 :)

  9. Thanks you for best blog award 2009 that you gave me.. I have grab it :)

  10. @ Lily. I have posted the 2nd award. The 3rd award will be posted soon. Thank you so much Lil :)

    @ Belajar. Thank you :)

    @ Beloved, Dorothy. Thanks for such nice words :)

    @ Ngex. Sering - sering aja komen di blog ini, besok - besok bakal kecipratan award kalo saya dapet lagi :)

    @ Devi. Thanks Dev :)

    @ Blogging. Wow, that's so fast. Thanks for accepting this award :)

  11. aku colong deh awardnya.. hehehehe.. sory baru OL mas dede..

  12. thx dedeandro untuk award terusannya... dedeandro juga seperti lily tak pernah absen nge-tag saya kalo dapet awarad baru.... makasih ya.. i appreciate it...

  13. @ Sapujagad. Silakan di colong sob :) he he.

    @ Idot. Yah, itu karena kontribusi om Idot juga, makanya om sering kecipratan award dari saya :)

  14. nice post, salam kenal


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