Jun 11, 2009

Adgitize Payment May 2009

When I checked email, I noticed that Adgitize just sent me money with PayPal. Yes, this is my first payment from Adgitize:
Payment details
- Amount: $17,15 USD
- Transaction Date: Jun 7, 2009
- Subject: Adgitize Publisher Payment May 2009
- Custom note: Adgitize Publisher Payment May 2009
Finally, I can earn few dollars from Adgitize. Not big money and Adgitize never claim to send a large payment.

If you have not become Adgitizers, click here to register. You will not lose anything and do not hesitate to try it out.


  1. It's great to earn right while getting traffic, right? Anyway, I'm also glad you're a nice friend. And for your info, I deleted my Shoutbox/chatbox, because some people leave their comments meant for my posts there on the Chatbox instead. The reason I put that Shoutbox is for people /readers who just want to wish me a nice day or say they were there or whatever note ----not comments to my post. I'm sick and tired of telling them to post the comments on the posts and not on the chatbox but they still do it. So I removed it. I know you like to drop me "hellos" there but don't worry I always know you always drop by at my blog with a smile.

  2. Congratulations!!
    I still confuse what is adgitize ? Can you explain to me ?


  3. @ RieZ. Thank you :)

    @ Bingkee. I'm sorry to hear that Bingkee. It's your blog and you have a right to do that. But don't worry I'll still continue to visit your blog.

    @ Hangga, Blogging. Thank you for the support. You can find more info about Adgitize on my blog post. Just follow this link:


  4. Hey D....Congrats on your $$$$.
    I probably have been one main reason for that :P as I am always dancing on your cards ..LOL

    It is fun and I hope you get even more $$$$.


  5. @ Dorothy. Whoa, thank you ~D~. Dancing on my cards? LOL. Thanks for the wishes, hugs more :)

  6. I just started Adgitize. I like it...but wish I had more ways to approve what goes up. I don't like that if a new advert comes in, it is automatically approved until I reject it. I will know more after my first payment, but I am having FUN with this so far.

  7. @ Bluest. Yeah, we have to do nothing. It's automatically approved.

  8. wow... saya harus coba dede..... bisa kah payment? mudah2an...

  9. Great Job! At least you're earning now!

  10. @ Idot. Mudah - mudahan bisa om.

    @ Mikes. Yeah Mikes, thanks for your support :)

  11. Dede, did you pay to advertise on the Adgitize network to achieve your $17,15 payday or was it just from the Adgitize ads you had posted on your site? Did you click on other sites Adgitize ads?

  12. @ Film. No, not yet I mean. It just from Adgitize ads I had posted on my blog. Yes, I click on other blogs Adgitize ads to earn more points.


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