May 17, 2009

TwtAd To Earn Money With Your Tweets

TwtAd allows you to earn money with your Twitter account. You will get paid for each click on the ads in your Twitter. You can choose many available ads to post in your Twitter status.

You must have at least 50+ followers to be able to post an ad. You decide which ads will be posted. Choose ads that can attract your friends. You can post only four ads per day.

Once you reach $20, you can withdraw it through your PayPal account.

TwtAd is another way to make money with your Twitter. Tell me what you think and give me an opinion/feedback about it.


  1. huuuu.........great!!

    actually I've followed twitter

  2. Can i join with alertpay accounts????

    i hope ican earn money from internet :))

    Please Visit me back

    Cara Belajar

  3. wow! i didnt know that one can earn money directly through twitter. nice info. is there any chance of transferring the earnings to alertpay account?

  4. @ Belajar, Cara, Irtiza. No, currently they only accept PayPal.

  5. How grest offer is this. I am really shock to heard form you about twitter. I just know about google ads on blogspot but you gave me new track to earn more money. Thank You Very Much.

  6. @ Certifications. Just click on my blog labels, called "Business or People" to find out more :)


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