May 21, 2009

SayTweet Shows Tweets In Picture

If you have a Twitter account, you may think on how to make your Twitter more fun.

SayTweet is an innovative way to display your Twitter status. This widget shows the status of your Twitter update in a picture.

What you need to do is just a few simple steps.
Upload a picture from file or URL and tag your picture with your Twitter user name. Set where you want the status balloon appear, and then they will give the HTML / JavaScript code to embed SayTweet canvas on your own blog. This badge will automatically update with your latest tweet.

SayTweet badge can be modified and distributed freely, as long as there is credit given back to SayTweet.

Show your Twitter status updates in a picture, like one above. So, go on. Have some fun with your Twitter and tag your own picture.


  1. thanks for sharing, i'll try this soon...

  2. @ Shaine. It won't hurt you because it's free :)

  3. nice dede... baru tahu euy.. hehehe.. coba2 ah ya...

  4. I am impressed to see your website. It looks like a spacial painel. Congratulations, boy!

  5. @ Idot. Ayo - ayo om, tante, mas, mbak, kak, bang.. silakan di coba. Tis, tis gratis kok, he he.

    @ Bruno. Thank you Bruno. Enjoy your stay :)

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  7. Thanks for sharing and and will try it soon!!!


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