May 5, 2009

Pax For An Alternative Blog Search Widget

Pax is a blog search widget to help visitors find the contents of your blog. This is a new alternative search engine for your blog. You can add Pax search box to your blog in minutes.

Their widget can be fully adjustable and works on most blog platforms. You can also select the position of tab search (or just use traditional search bar), and even upload your logo for the search results page. In this page, I put the search tab on the top-right corner. Try it to see how this widget works.

For webmasters, Pax provide hit counters to help you track unique visitors and page loads. They also provide traffic statistics to manage your blog better.

If you have not add any search tool or hit counter on your blog, why you do not give them a try. They only need your email to sign up, and their services are free.


  1. heyyy, what the amazing blog,, usefull information..

  2. yups Falla... Dedeandro have an awesome usefull blog.. u can learn about lots of things here... asal jangan minta belajar pelet aja... :D

    nice info dede.. kapan2 pake deh search box nya tuh...

  3. @ FaLLa. Thank you FaLLa.

    @ Idot. Ha ha, saya ga bisa pelet om, tapi kalo melet (menjulurkan lidah) bisa.. hi hi :P


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