May 22, 2009

Google FriendConnect Issues

Google FriendConnect Maybe it only happens on my blog, but it seems my Google FriendConnect has been showing strange behavior recently. My Google FriendConnect Comments Widget suddenly disappeared. Did anyone noticed this?

Update! May 23, 2009
It appears that this problem has been fixed and now my Google FriendConnect Comment Widget back to normal.
I hope this problem would not happen again.


  1. What can happen is people ... and what one ... but the interesting info ..

  2. It's very interesting your bloog. COngratullations

  3. @ Devi. I'm sorry, I don't get it what you mean.

    @ Bruno. Thanks for the feedback Bruno :)

  4. Looks all fine at my The Code of Blogging Site. Sorry for the spam but I believe it's relevant to the topic. Have a Nice day.

  5. @ Agent. It seems that this problem has been fixed. Thanks for your comment :)

  6. Hi I just stopped by to drop on your Entrecard and wanted to let you know that you have been added to Blog Angel's All Above the Crease Drop List . I created the list because I was sick of wasting time trying to find people's Ecards. You and everyone on the list has their Entrecards in an easy to find location. Stop by and check it out.

  7. Really, i have the same experience (maybe 2-3 days ago)....
    is it just a coincidence?

  8. Do we get more benefit in joining Google FriendConnect ? More visitors will be coming to our blog??

  9. @ Blog. Thanks so much for adding me on your list. I will check it out after doing my round today.

    @ Angga. I think they were having maintenance, but it works fine now.

    @ About. No, it is just about connecting with other bloggers. I don't think so, but more friends = more traffic, right?

  10. Hey D....cannot help you with this one as I do not use the Google connect.
    Typically a glitch in the Matrix:)
    I cannot get into my stats in entrecard....that has been erroring out for the past several days:(

    Have a great day D


  11. @ Dorothy. About Google FriendConnect: it works now. About Entrecard: I think we have the same problem here, I cannot access my Entrecard too.

  12. I think this may due to maintenance going on but now its working alright.


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